Embrace the Culture! Want to get started NOW? Earth Mother Cultivation has designed a Indoor Tent Grow System with ALL the components needed to start your indoor gardening journey.


We even offer professional, bonded, on site installation technicians that will install your professional

Indoor Tent Grow System.


This system has been certified by Master Grower Tommy Widener, Northern, Ca. our Master Growers endorse Ed Rosenthal's, Growers Handbook- Your Complete Guide for Medical and Personal Marijuana.


We offer a free copy with every purchase!

All You have to do is



Personal Customer Support!


The FRIST 100 customers will get a VIP Card for Earth Mother Cultivation Dispensary, And Full Service Based Patient Grow Assistance and Product Line.


SQ 788 A medical marijuana license in Oklahoma will­­ allow a patient to possess up to three ounces of cannabis, up to one ounce of marijuana concentrate, six mature and six seedling cannabis plants, up to eight ounces of marijuana in their home and 72 ounces of marijuana edibles.

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Earth Mother Cultivation

Earth Mother Cultivation In phase I  will have the ability to vegetate up to 750 plants and flowers concurrently, will grow up to 10 different strains of cannabis, and will have the ability to grow from seedling to finished product.

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Our Mission Statement

Our mission: To provide medical cannabis patients with a product and service they can trust. To build our brand on the core values of customer service and care, hospitality, highest standards of quality, honesty, integrity and community outreach.

Vision: To have the Earth Mother Cultivation brand become a trusted household name nationally for high quality cannabis products and stores. To pave the way for national chain dispensaries beginning with our flagship store.

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Earth Mother Cultivation..

is a family owned brand of medical marijuana    cultivation, dispensary, patient assisted grow supplies, installation and services, that will provide an unparalleled patient shopping experience. Beginning with our flagship store in Oklahoma City, patients will enjoy shopping in a beautiful environment that inspires healing, creativity and comfort. We are committed to respectfully educating our community with scientific data and not pseudo-science, Earth Mother Cultivations is a brand that is 100% organic and will move forward with the purpose of aligning our brand with bio fuel. We have structured the business to give a percentage of our proceeds back to our community via revolving nonprofit charity’s.

We believe immediate action will result in an unparalleled customer accusation by offering a full service-based patient grow assistance and product line. Our goal is to align ourselves with Like minded partners and investors.


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